You may have heard about guest blogging, and perhaps,  heard about some of its stigma in regards to the SEO Marketing industry. But the verdict still stands, guest blogging is an effective way to increase traffic back to your website via backlinks – or a link that directs back to your site. Blog entries would be curated on you or your brand’s behalf to appear on other sites in order to place these backlinks.

Let’s go over the benefits of guest blogging for your website:

Helps Build Your Credibility & Authority

Typically, it takes quite a bit of time to build your customer or client following for your brand. Normally, it takes an estimated two years* to build a solid following for your brand. Guest blogging will help build your authority on a topic as an expert more quickly and efficiently.

What may take years to build a strong following may take only months through the power of guest blogging. The more online users trust and regularly subscribe to your content, the faster you could to build your contact list and potentially create new lead conversions.

Become an Expert in a Specific Niche

Think about what questions you would ask yourself in the industry you currently specialize in. What kind of questions would your potential customers ask? What kind of content would add value in this particular niche?

Becoming an expert in your field will make you a trustworthy resource for all of these answers – and many times, being able to deliver thorough and correct information is imperative in strengthening the trust and responsiveness of your customer following. Being an expert in your industry is also supplemental to the customer service and sales process.

Dig deep into creating content on topics in your specific niche that have so far gone unanswered, or, answer existing topics that have more room to expand on with your specialized input. There are many possibilities when it comes to building your authority around a specific niche, but most important of all, it does take time to create content.

But when you create content, it lives on the web forever – and so will your expertise.

Be Mindful of Where You Post Content

Another point you’ll want to think about is – where could I post that will attract followers relevant to my industry? What audience am I writing for?

Instead of posting your content on any random site or blog that will allow you to do so, you’ll want to choose a website that contains content relevant to your field of expertise. You’ll want to make sure that the blog contains high-quality content and already has a decent following. You’ll also want to evaluate the type of audience the blog is geared towards. In this way, you can ensure that submitting your guest blog there will fulfill your marketing goals and your content curating efforts are not going to waste.

Come up with a list of keywords relevant to your industry followed by the term “guest post” and start plugging away in Google and Twitter and see what comes up! Research will be one of the best ways to identify what sites to reach out to as a guest blogger.

Increase Exposure and Awareness of Your Brand

Posting content outside of your company website and social media outlets and onto other websites will help reach a new audience to expose to your brand. When submitting your guest blog, make sure to configure backlinks to your website and social media in the guest bio section.

Add Value to the Reader

While you do want to market your brand to this new audience, your content should not solely exist for placing an advertisement outside of your own space. Again, becoming an expert in a specific industry means that you are able to add value to the person reading your content.

If a reader can have a question or an issue in your industry answered from reading your content, then you will have added value to the reader and they will be more likely to remember your name and your brand.

As a rule of thumb, keep any direct marketing of your business within the confines of your “Author’s Bio” at the end of the guest post.

Foster a Discussion

Besides adding value to the reader’s experience, you’ll want to keep your “doors” open to continued engagement – create a call to action at the end of your post to encourage readers to ask more questions, make comments, or even direct them to your own website to find more answers on their own. Most importantly, make sure to take the time to respond to each comment!

Being able to engage with others in a timely, helpful and useful manner will provide a great impression for your brand.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

As mentioned previously, guest blogging provides a quality backlink to direct new traffic to your website. Additionally, since the link is placed on a blog of relevance to your industry, you will be able to gain high-quality followers, and potentially, new lead conversions.

It is recommended to track your links using a Campaign URL Builder – here, you could keep track of user traffic to your site via your backlinks and review just how many visitors you are receiving from a particular link.

Build & Maintain Your Contact List

What is potentially more valuable than a sale? Your customer.

Once you’ve gained some traction to your website from your guest blog link, make sure to capture those users into contacts!

Encourage visitors to sign-up for your brand by offering a discount or a deal on your products or services, and also, have visitor subscribe to your social media to receive regular news and updates on your brand. Curate e-mail campaigns that will continually add value to your subscribers and potentially create more conversions for your business.

Once again, the emphasis on building a strong, high-quality customer following cannot be stated enough. Using guest blogging to build your contact list for continuous engagement is a great way to drive your business forward.

Guest Blogging – The “Powerhouse” of Your Brand

Guest blogging can potentially be the “powerhouse” that drives your brand forward due to the benefits ranging from gaining increased authority on a specific subject or industry, attracting a more specific high-quality following, and increasing traffic to your site in general to help build your client base.

When you could increase your brand’s reputation and engagement online, you will set the proper foundation for your business to flourish.

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